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The Story of OviBees Ventures

Bees just as entrepreneurs are forces for good wherever they are around the world. They work smart and hard, individually and collectively in perfect coordination for the common good. We don’t always see them at work but certainly miss them when they are not around. Inspired by this parallel between bees and entrepreneurs, we decided to create a OviBees Ventures as a Global Beehive of Exponential Entrepreneurs from all corners of the world. From identifying most promising early stage entrepreneurs and scaling them up globally to creating entrepreneurship platforms at global, regional and country level, OviBees Ventures is creating a better world through private initiatives. Join our Global Entrepreneurial Beehive and Bee part of an exponential and transformative collective journey.


Ovidiu Bujorean


Ovidiu founded OviBees as a venture accelerator company specialized in globalizing most promising early stage tech companies.

Carmen Cucul


Carmen Cucul is acting as advisor to Ovibees Ventures. She brings 10+ years of experience working in the healthcare industry as well as the not-for-profit sector. Within the corporate environments of Johnson&Johson and Takeda Carmen has always been acting as an intrapreneur: she created new functions to better serve patients…

Jim Bagnola


Jim Bagnola is an international speaker, executive coach and consultant. He is an expert in leadership and corporate culture, emphasizing the influence of thinking patterns on health, happiness, success, and the capacity to lead. He has been speaking and educating worldwide—on six continents, as well as across the United States for over twenty-five years…


Jeff Hoffman

Co-founder and former CEO, Priceline

Alvin Chai

UX Consultant, Netizen eXperience

Pascal Marmier

Head Digital Analytics, Catalyst Boston

Colleen Coffey

Experienced Program Director in Higher Education, FSU and MassBay

Rasmus Schjødt Pedersen

Founding Partner, Athliit

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