Amanda Gant

Green Entrepreneurship, Renewable Technologies

Amanda Gant

Amanda Grant is an accomplished professional with a deep passion for entrepreneurship development, financial modeling, and hacking growth strategies. She focuses on driving progress in these areas through education, mentorship, international partnerships, activism, and program monitoring and evaluation.

With a strong background in program management, Amanda excels at designing and implementing initiatives that foster entrepreneurship and empower aspiring business leaders. She is well-versed in lean startup methodologies and customer development techniques, leveraging these strategies to guide entrepreneurs on their path to success. Amanda’s expertise extends to entrepreneurial curriculum development, ensuring that aspiring business owners receive comprehensive and practical training.

Amanda brings a keen eye for quantitative analysis and monitoring and evaluation, allowing her to assess the effectiveness of programs and make data-driven improvements. Her experience includes extensive fieldwork and grant and proposal development, which have contributed to the successful execution of numerous initiatives.

Fluent in Spanish, Amanda has gained valuable regional experience across multiple continents:

Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, Tunisia

Asia: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka

Latin America: Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama

Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Moldova

Middle East: Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

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