Entrepreneurship Activities

The Entrepreneurship Journey


Samuel  is a person very interested in entrepreneurship. He wants to open a business but he doesn’t find a way to put his ideas into practice. He hears  about an Entrepreneurship Ideation Caravan scheduled to occur at his University. After he gets inspired by successful entrepreneurs, he thinks to apply for the Startup Boot Camp to get practical mentorship and venture development training.


Samuel gets a first market validation. He needs to identify the next steps to launch his company. He subscribes to the Online Platform to develop his practical business skills. He watches webinars, practices peer-to-peer learning and gets access to various opportunities.  He is ready to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur.


Samuel needs more guidance to put his ideas together. He applies and gets selected for the National Startup Challenge. Thus he gets the chance to attend workshops delivered by local and international speakers on how to grow and scale a business nationally and globally, how and where to get funding.


Samuel validates his business model, acquires several top clients in the portfolio and gains traction. He applies for the Startup Accelerator to get access to investor meetings, opportunities to network and advice from business experts and experienced entrepreneurs. The three-months mentorship, training and seed funding allows him to expand his team, improve the go-to-market strategy and attract more clients.


With local market already covered, Samuel decides to scale up his venture faster and applies for early stage venture capital. He needs the funds to hire more people, invest in sales and marketing and grow his business across the African continent and globally.

Considering all the experiences Samuel went through, Venture Frontier  empowers him to  Build Local and Reach Global.  Samuel is now a mentor, an investor and a strong supporter of  Venture Frontier and its next generation of entrepreneurs.

Startup Bootcamps

A two-day event that provides extensive business development training, mentorship and pitching support to the best 30 early-stage startups incountries like:

Sri Lanka (2), Nepal (2), Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia (2), Moldova, Turkey, Jordan, Tanzania, Senegal, Morocco, Algeria

National Startup Challenges

A two-day event that involves workshops delivered by international and local speakers as well as pitch competitions judged by a panel of seasoned investors and entrepreneurs:

Sri Lanka. Turkey, UAE, Malaysia

Venture Ideation Caravans

Interactive online conferences that bring great entrepreneurial minds together to inspire the next generation of innovators discussing startup ideation with an audience from:

LATAM, Africa, Asia, Europe

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