Madalin Betivoiu

Platforms Manager

Madalin Betivoiu

Madalin Betivoiu is a driven professional with a passion for startup acceleration and ecosystem development. He has played a pivotal role in the success of Venture Frontier Lanka, an integrated startup acceleration initiative focused on growing the quantity and commercial viability of Sri Lankan startups while nurturing the local startup ecosystem. Madalin has set an ambitious goal to support the creation of the first Sri Lankan Unicorn.

As the Project Lead of Venture Frontier Lanka, Madalin spearheaded the launch and expansion of the program throughout the country. He organized large-scale training and pitching events, impacting over 5,000 young entrepreneurs and providing them with invaluable knowledge and guidance. His strategic approach and leadership have been instrumental in achieving fast growth for the initiative. By implementing digital strategy initiatives, he maximized reach and gained substantial support, resulting in a remarkable increase of 10,000 new followers within a month.

With a strong focus on product management, Madalin designed and developed digital products that served the purpose of community mobilization and data collection. This included the creation of four mobile apps, a platform website, and the establishment of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Additionally, he effectively utilized integrated databases to facilitate communication and mobilization.

Madalin’s expertise extends beyond Venture Frontier Lanka. He has extensive experience as a project manager and operations coordinator, having worked with specialized teams in various companies across Europe. His proficiency in continuous process optimization and performance improvement has contributed to the overall success of operations.

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