REC@NNECT Entrepreneurship Platform – South and Central Asia)

Core Program Beliefs:

  • Innovation – We believe strongly in the power of technology and innovation as drivers for sustainable growth.
  • Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurs transform innovation into enterprises that generate value and create jobs. Our programs are designed with the individual in mind, as the nucleus and sole purpose of our mission. Strategic partnerships. We partner with like-minded local and regional organizations and corporations to leverage our resources and capabilities to build capacity for greater impact and avoid redundancy.

Ace Institute of Management

Ace Institute of Management is a contemporary, open-minded, conscientious learning centre where students rediscover themselves and learn to be thoughtful and responsible managers and leaders. In its 15 year history, since its inception in 1999, Ace Institute has established itself as a leading institution that is living its vision of enhancing capacity of individuals and institutions in Nepal to contribute to the nation’s development.Ace Institute broke new ground by launching the first Executive MBA program in Nepal in 1999, the year of its establishment. The Ace MBA program has acquired a distinguished reputation of being the most rigorous and fulfilling experience. The undergraduate programs, BBA and BBA-BI, are considered among some of the best in the country. Students completing the undergraduate programs at Ace are widely sought after in the employment market. The higher secondary program of Ace Higher Secondary School, a spinoff of Ace Institute of Management, has established itself as students’ first choice program in the management stream.In a short span of 6 years Ace A-Level has distinguished itself from the crowd with its individual centered approach to learning and focus on management and social sciences stream only.Ace Institute currently has two campuses in Kathmandu, Nepal and runs six different programs: BBA, BBA-BI, MBA, MBA Evening, Executive MBA and A level. Currently, it has over 1,400 students pursuing different programs.

REC@NNECT in Bhutan

REC@NNECT in Bhutan

Following the three-day REC@NNECT Challenge event in Nepal, the REC@NNECT team, along with Augie Rakow, Corporate Lawyer for Startups at Orrick, and Andreas Ehn, Former CTO of Spotify and Co-Founder of Wrapp, headed to Bhutan for a country visit. The Bhutan trip entailed meetings with key partners and stakeholders, entrepreneurship training, and mentorship activities. The two on-the-ground partners for the events were The Loden Foundation and Thimphu Tech Park. Highlights of the visit were:

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRAINING: REC@NNECT hosted an entrepreneurship training in collaboration with Thimphu Tech Park, the first IT Technology Park in the country, and Bhutan Innovation and Technology Centre (BITC). Over 60 local entrepreneurs attended to hear Andreas and Augie speak on a variety of topics including raising money for startups, the customer development process, and lean startup methodology. The participating entrepreneurs were all engaged, asking many questions.
  • MENTOR DEVELOPMENT: REC@NNECT hosted a session with The Loden Foundation Bhutanese mentors and experts. The meeting provided Bhutanese mentors with an overview of the mentorship process, as well as tips to strengthen their mentorship skills. There were representatives from universities, for-profits, and investment companies, such as Druk Holding and Investments Ltd. The mentor training was followed by a dinner where the local mentors networked with the Bhutanese entrepreneurs and a mentorship session where Bhutanese entrepreneurs were matched with local and international mentors.
  • MEETING WITH MINISTER OF LABOR: REC@NNECT met with the Minister of Labor, Ngeema Sangay Tshempo. He expressed interest in working with REC@NNECT on future entrepreneurial activities, specifically in the sphere of agriculture, and the need for international experts and organizations to equip the Bhutanese innovators with the necessary skills for a successful entrepreneurial future.
  • VISIT TO CNR: REC@NNECT visited the College of Natural Resources (CNR) in the Punakha region, which has over 500 students each semester working on agriculture, animal sciences, forestry, and sustainable development. The REC@NNECT delegation met with the Director General, Dorji Wangchuk. The topic of discussion was a partnership with REC@NNECT to plan an event at the college for entrepreneurs focused on sustainable development and agriculture.

REINFORCED BOND WITH LOCAL PARTNERS: REC@NNECT had an in-depth discussion with The Loden Foundation and Thimphu Tech Park on how to create and manage locally sustainable and effective entrepreneurship programs for talented local innovators. Thimphu Tech Park had previously hosted a REC@NNECT TechConnect viewing site and agreed to host another one. The Loden Foundation also agreed to host a viewing site for the upcoming TechConnect.


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